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About Danny Dean & the Homewreckers

Danny Dean and the Homewreckers are an American rockabilly band from Los Angeles, California currently residing in Lexington, Kentucky. They are recognized as one of the pioneering neo-rockabilly groups of Southern California at a time when it was unaccepted by the rockabilly scene and would not be accepted for another decade. They are predominantly known by their peers and fans for playing early 1950s suit-and-tie rock ‘n’ roll akin to The Tyrones, Freddy Bell & The Bell Boys, and Charlie Gracie & His Wildcats with a modern 80s twist and new wave influences of 80s goes rockabilly versions of covers such as: Adam Ants "Goody Two Shoes"  (Danny Dean and the Homewreckers, The Rockabilly Lover album), the Psychedelic Furs "Pretty in Pink" (Danny Dean and the Homewreckers, Growl album) and the Cures "Love Cats" (Danny Dean and the Homewreckers, The Rockabilly Lover album) to name but a few. The Homewreckers have shared the stage with Bill Haley’s Comets, struck the first chord for Tom Ingram’s Viva Las Vegas, played the 4th annual Grease Ball in San Francisco, opened and toured with established acts like The Specials, English Beat, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats, a  Flock of Seagulls, Missing Persons, Berlin, Dramarama, the Blasters,  Reverend Horton Heat, Real Life, and the General Public just to get us started but Danny Dean alone has guest appeared on stage with Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps, released over 36 albums and has performed 2500 live show and is still going strong.  

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Over 36 Releases


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The Rockabilly Lover

The Rockabilly Lover

Danny Dean and the Homewreckers

The Rockabilly Lover is Danny Dean and the Homewreckers third full length release. This long awaited CD continues the Homewreckers tradition of 80’s cover songs done in Homewreckers 50's rock n roll style. The Rockabilly Lover also contains great original material in the classic northern rockabilly style. The Rockabilly Lover features all new songs includes neo-rockabilly covers of the Cures “The Love Cats” and Adam Ants “Goody Two Shoes.”

  1. 1 The Rockabilly Lover 01:53
  2. 2 Betties Kiss 00:52



Danny Dean and the Homewreckers

Danny Dean and the Homewreckers CD "Growl" is now available, on Delirium Records. "Growl" is a retrospect featuring the original 4 songs the rockabilly band released on their own on cassette only back in 1997 plus several new and compilation tracks.

  1. 1 D In Love 02:30
  2. 2 Livin' Lovin' Doll 02:08

Move It

Move It

Danny Dean and the Homewreckers

Their debut CD "Move It", released in 1999, was recorded with renown studio pros Jay Baumgardner, Bob Saling and Steve Misdorf. "Move It" snared great reviews from Americana and Rockabilly magazines. The CD features Danny's revamping of Cliff richard's Classic hit "Move It" (Complete with new lyrics by the original writer, Ian Samwell) and his own signature tune, Thunderbirds Are Go" - a brilliant tribute to the legend of the American road. All tracks feature Danny's smooth old-fashioned baritone, a voice striking enough to give even jaded old record collectors pause.

  1. 1 Restless 02:53
  2. 2 Hey Mama 03:13

Press Articles & Reviews

It’s rebellious with a touch of class. Swing Time Magazine

Parts of this remind me of Brian Setzer, others remind me of Bobby Darin. The only other current bands that come to mind are The Orbits, and Big Sandy and his Fly Right Boys – but I’d say Danny Dean’s got a better singing voice by far. Henry R. Kujawa – The Forbidden Zone

Rockin’ guitars, slappin’ bass, tight drums and a vintage vocal style that Dean delivers smoothly. Jaymes Mayhem – Scratch Magazine

Good songwriters and great musicians the audiences always loved them. Danny B. Harvey

Good bands are plentiful, but great ones are rare. So, when you find something special you tend to pay particularly close attention. The finest musicianship in the world is as nothing without decent material. And on that point, also, the Homewreckers deserve acclaim. D.C. Larson – Rockabilly Magazine

Danny has a pleasant voice; his musicians really know there craft and the sound quality could not be better. Much more then just a mere late 50’s and early 60’s rock’n’roll cover band. Outstanding. Gaby Maag – Translated from a German Magazine Review

Filling the gap between Swing, ‘50s Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly with ease. GM – Blue Suede News #46 Spring

One of the better singers currently working the rockabilly revival circuit. Bob Cianci – The River Reporter – The Music Scene

Rockabilly Magazine gives “The Rockabilly Lover” five stars.

The style and quality gives you a mental image of girls screaming and fainting in the aisles, and with Danny’s good looks that probably aren’t far from the truth. Car Kulture Deluxe

Gavin Jones is a grandmaster of the double bass. Gavin is a musician’s musician. His knowledge of and affinity for music’s in general are apparent as he wends his sure way through passages hot and cool, stormy and sublime. D.C. Larson – Rockabilly Magazine

A mix of rockabilly & swing that packs in more musicianship, melody & talent than 99% of what you’ll find theses days on MTV! Henry R. Kujawa – The Forbidden Zone

Danny is among the select vocal talents whose range and capability mark them as exceptional. While there are many competent singers of certain ability who do well enough when remaining within any given genre, Danny knows no such restriction. A singer nonpareil of seemingly-boundless melodic scope, he is truly and artist where others are merely craftsman. D.C. Larson – Rockabilly Magazine

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