About Mood of Defiance

Mood of Defiance (also known as MOD) are an American experimental avant-garde punk rock band from the Hermosa Beach, South Bay California, in 1979. Formed by a then 14 year old Hatha Watha (birth name unknown) daughter of the owners of the The Church in Hermosa Beach, primary songwriter and lead vocalist with Gary Kail (simultaneously a member of Anti, Zurich 1916) on guitar, bass, drums and keyboards joined by punk veteran Danny Dean (Danny Dean Phillips, Danny Phillips) on vocals, guitar (simultaneously a member of Anti, and writer for the punk magizine Flipside, with a featured column entitled “The South Bay Report”) Steve (birth name unknown) on drums later replaced by Thaddeus (birth name unknown) on drums. Mood Of Defiance gave birth to the Gothic Punk movement of the middle Eighties with several songs that appear on any one of the New Underground Records (co-found by both Danny Dean and Gary Kail) compilations joining a fleet of pioneering punk bands such as the Decedents, Anti, the Minutemen, China White, Redd Kross and Saccharin Trust to name a few. With the passing of Gary Kail, Mood of Defiance remained a local club band and very little is know about the majority of members with the exception of Danny Dean, who plans on releasing a box set album of both the past and never before heard songs, photos and video.  

Thank you Recess Records and Water Under the Bridge Records for putting out the mood of defiance 6 song EP 7 inch I just got my copy in the mail looks great