| Capitol Records Chameleon Label & the Golden Age of MTV

Easter - MTV - Video 1 - Line Up: Mike Ness, Brent Liles, Danny Dean, Chad Carrier

About Easter (band)

Easter (band) is an American post punk rock band formed in the early 1980s in Los Angeles, California signed to Capital Records Chameleon Label.  The band currently consists of Danny Dean (Danny Dean Phillips, Danny Phillips) of Anti, Mood of Defiance and later rockabilly band Danny Dean and the Homewreckers (lead vocals, lead guitar), Chad Carrier later of Big Mess and Shillaly Brothers (bass, vocals), Bill Livesley (lead guitar) and Korky Ollerton (drums, vocals) as sole continuous members with the addition of Chris Wakula of Wakula Racing and later Anti (rhythm guitar, vocals). Easter was notorious for lineup changes that regularly featured John Blazing (lead guitar), Michael Ubaldini Rock and Roll Poet (rhythm guitar, vocals), Mike Ness early Social Distortion (rhythm guitar, vocals), Brent Liles of Social Distortion and later Agent Orange (drums, vocals) and Jerry Davidson of Slickfaster, Donald Pursley Jr. (guitar), and Danny Dean and the Homewreckers  (bass, vocals).  Eminent at the golden age of MTV for their Triumph motorcycles and black leather jackets just as they are pictured in their MTV video hit "Lights Out" and Manhattan Boy," Easter achieved commercial success with a plethora of music videos and nationwide radio rotation to the likes of California's KROQ, 91X  and nation wide air play.