"Pop" (featured in White Irish Drinkers) 
in Consideration for Academy Award 
Nomination in Best Original Song Category

Executive Producers Chad Carrier and Danny Dean
Recorded at Moletrax West by Jeff Moleski
Wrritten by John Duffy

We're really excited to announce that our single "Pop," written by lead singer John Duffy and featured on the soundtrack of the John Gray film "White Irish Drinkers," is one of 39 songs in the running for a Best Original Song nomination by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' annual Academy Awards.

Check out The Shillaly Brothers page and make sure to watch them live! 

John Duffy: lead vocals, celtic bouzouki, octave mandolin, mandolin, bass guitar, tin whistle
Chad Carrier: lead and backing vocals, guitar, bass ukulele, acoustic bass guitar
Rex Bailey: ukulele, guitar, drums, lead and backing vocals
Fred Studier: accordion, mandolin, celtic bouzouki, banjo, guitar, backing vocals, shot glass

White Irish Drinkers
Toronto International Film Festival Gotham Independent Film Awards Torino Film Festival
Winner Manhattan Film Festival Winner Chicago United Film Festival Woodstock Film Festival
USA Film Festival Seattle International Film Festival Official Selection Waterfront Film Festival
Galway Film Festival Woodstock Film Festival


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